Welcome to Bommersvik

At Bommersvik you will find breathing space, working undisturbed, a feeling of togetherness and get new ideas.

.Bommersvik - a peaceful place with high class on meals and service from the heart.


Whilst staying with us you will be living in a tranquil environment surrounded by forests. During the spring and summer you will awake to the sounds of singing birds and the rising sun and during the autumn and winter take a stroll around the grounds and enjoy the sound of silence.

We have a total of 164 beds. 32 double rooms, 52 single rooms, 8 cottages and 8 rooms of hostel standard



We kan arrange anything from a large conference to a small business meeting.
We can offer 7 conference rooms for up to a total of 50 persons, 22 group activity rooms and 7 meeting rooms. If you need a larger meeting room we can join two rooms for a capacity of up to 200 persons.

 The conference rooms are situated in five different buildings. All have modern technology some have been recently built others are a century old and have a stately home feel.

 Contact the reception and they will find the right venue for your needs.



Food is very important for us at Bommersvik. We use ecological and locally grown produce where ever possible.

It is our ambition that every meal you eat with us will give you taste experiences that will live with you long after you return home.

Whilst dining you will have stunning views through our panorama windows of lake Yngern and of the setting sun.


As a conference establishment Bommersvik was awarded the Svanenmärkt in april 2010 and since September 2012 our restaurant and kitchen have been bestowed the same award. The environmental labelling Svanenmärkt was introduced by the Nordic council in 1989 the award is bestowed on companies who are deemed to follow strict rules on the use of dangerous chemicals, discharge into the air and water, waste disposal and resource utilisation.


Every year we renew our safety education within fire, evacuation, CPR, breathing, bleeding and shock for all our employes. Our crisis management group trains every other year for practicle crisis. We also check over the fire protection system yearly which is then documented according to Swedish law.

Reservation and contact


Phone: 08 – 552 410 00 E-mail: bokningen@bommersvik.se


Phone: 08 – 552 410 00 E-mail:  receptionen@bommersvik.se

Address: Bommersvik, 153 95 Järna