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Welcome to Bommersvik

We are often told, by guests visiting Bommersvik, that it is a home away from home. A home, to me, is synonymous with feeling safe, relaxation and being yourself. Over time, those emotions have become the true essence of Bommersvik – that is why visiting Bommersvik feels like coming home.

This is a place ideal for reflection and grand thoughts, so regardless of the purpose for your stay we ensure that you will leave with a sense of zen, and with more grand and innovative ideas.
During summer and school holidays a lot of families choose to stay with us in order to enjoy the vast and majestic nature, the diversity of activities and our well renowned cuisine. We also highly recommend our guests, especially during summertime, to take the opportunity to experience the spectacular sunsets over the lake Yngern.

Most of the year, Bommersvik is a place for parley for our conference guests. Activities such as discussion, reflection and development occur during one or several days of conferencing.

But there is more to Bommersvik than meets the eye, it is a place where ideas, dreams and expectations have both emerged and fulfilled. This is where interaction leads to change, not only in Sweden, but also on a global scale. It has been the scene for discussion between prime ministers and engaged youths regarding ideology and future reforms. Here, in a peaceful and inspiring environment, political titans such as Olof Palme, Anna Lindh and Margot Wallström invited presidents and world leaders to engage in parley. This is a legacy we proudly value.

Now, more than ever, venues where people can engage in trustworthy interactions in a safe and casual environment, are more essential.

Welcome home

Choose what fits you best

Our accommmodations

Here you choose what living that fits you best. Do you want to rent your own cabbot for a week and cook your own dinner and treat yourself with a hotel breakfast or dinner every now and then? Or do you prefer the comfortable living and luxury in our newly renovated hotel rooms that fits from 1 to 4 people?

Or maybe you are on the roads with your camper/motorhome and are looking for a place to stay for a night or two? We offer neat spots with electricity, access to wi-fi, toilets, water, a little kitchen, washing facilities and of course the possibilty to empty your grey and black water.


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Local suppliers

Food & Beverage

Our chefs set the menue week by week depending on what our local suppliers got in stock for us. During the automn we use plenty of mushrooms & root vegetables and in the spring and summer we grow our own nettles and tomatoes and much more. By using so fresh ingredients our food is always very populate, well cooked and very tasty.


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Hiking or ball sports?

Activate yourself

You can choose from a range of activities when you visit Bommersvik. All this is included in your stay:

Bath, sauna, gym, relax, dart, football, tennis, boule, beachvolleyball, floorhockey, ping pong, pool table and boardgames

Its also possible to rent small boats and canoes.  Bommersvik is surrounded by forrests and the lake Yngern and nearby you find plenty of trials for walking and biking.

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Indoor or outdoor meetings?

Meetings at Bommersvik

Bommersvik has been a place for meetings since 1937 so we know a thing or two about good meetings. We have 19 rooms both inside and outdoors and another 20 smaller group rooms as well. Our smallest room fits 2 people and the largest up to 200!

Our meeting coucelers will guide you to the right room and will gladly also help you book fun group activities and if you want, also give you tip on how to plan a fun, including meeting for everyone.

Our ”skogsfloating” meaning forrest floating was awarded as the number one meeting room in 2019. You lay down in hammocks under the trees overlooking the lake while you have your meeting. Sounds complicated? Really its not but we are here to help you with that as well!

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